Teleworking: Risks and Responsibilities of the Employer in terms of Psychological Harassment

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new realities for businesses: 

  • The workplace suddenly transports to home
  • The widespread use of videoconferencing
  • A more difficult balance between work and private life

And this, often in the absence of precise rules.

As such, teleworking also brings new risks:
  • Behaviors that were not suspected to be inappropriate
  • Increase in inappropriate behavior
  • Difficulty for the employer to provide a healthy and safe work environment 


This training allows to:
  • Understand the responsibilities of the employer and the obligations of employees in matters of psychological harassment
  • Define the limits of the workplace, particularly in a teleworking situation
  • Analyze different situations where the risks of harassment can emerge: management of tasks and timetables in teleworking, written communications (email, instant messaging, social medias), use of videoconferencing
  • Prevent harassment situations in teleworking
  • Set up a healthy and safe teleworking environment


Lawyer and strategic advisor, Me Karina Kesserwan has conducted several investigations into harassment with private companies and public bodies. 

She also provides support to organizations in establishing policies and advising managers on the measures to take to prevent situations of harassment in a working environment.

Format : Online training

Training Duration : 2 h

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