Our Legal Services

As lawyers, we can assist our clients with a variety of legal needs in a wide range of areas of practice.

We provide legal advice, we draft legal documents, we work on consultation and accommodation files related to projects on indigenous territories, we negotiate impact and benefit agreements, joint ventures, and other partnerships, and we provide solutions to conflicts.

In addition to being experts in Indigenous rights, we can also assist our clients in issues related to many areas of practice, including civil law, business law, and government and public relations.

Concrete Examples of What We do:

  • We help our clients better understand Indigenous rights in order to make the best decisions for their community or enterprise
  • We draft laws and regulations that reflect communities’ aspirations and needs
  • We negotiate successful agreements with both companies and governments
  • We resolve disagreements and prevent them from degenerating into conflict
  • We take care of corporate legal paperwork, so our clients have the best tools and can focus on growing their business

We develop practical solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our Clients

We represent Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, organizations, and   businesses. Our clients operate in various areas, including natural resources, health, culture, the non-profit sector, municipal affairs, and education.

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We are committed to providing the highest quality services that exceed our clients' needs and expectations.

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